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Congressman Dave Trott

Representing the 11th District of Michigan

Press Releases

May 4, 2017 Press Release
The American Health Care Act instills patient-centered reforms that will reduce costs and includes safeguards for patients with pre-existing conditions, and allows young adults to stay on their parents' healthcare plan until age twenty-six. Additionally, this legislation modernizes and reforms Medicaid, protecting it for our children, the elderly, and the disabled, ensuring the program's future solvency.
May 3, 2017 Press Release
This bill supports our servicemen and women who put their lives on the line each and every day by providing our troops with the resources they need to safely and effectively do their job. Furthermore, when our troops return home, it provides them with the benefits and high-quality medical care they earned.
May 2, 2017 Press Release
In our nation’s enviable democracy, no one is above the law. Members of Congress must abide by the laws they create, and, as we work deliberately to improve our nation’s healthcare system, we must ensure that all Americans, constituents and Congress alike, have access to the same high-quality care. Anything less undermines the principles for which our nation stands.
May 1, 2017 Press Release
HOME Act enables Habitat chapters to receive donated home appraisals, services
Habitat for Humanity of Michigan supports over 80 affiliates statewide whose over 200,000 dedicated volunteers come together to help Michigan families in need. The HOME Act is vital to ensuring that Habitat can receive the donated resources it needs to continue helping families in Michigan and nationwide
April 11, 2017 Press Release
Trott: I can think of no better place to celebrate than at one of the educational epicenters of our community
Troy Public Library prides itself on transforming minds and promoting literacy, and is an unwavering influence in providing cultural enrichment and fostering diverse ideas throughout our community.
April 11, 2017 Press Release
Drafted at age 18, Mr. Ortwine served his country valiantly, defending our nation’s fundamental principles of freedom and liberty around the world. It was an honor to join Mr. Ortwine and his family and friends to present the medals he rightfully earned, a long overdue recognition of the bravery and heroism he embodied in defense of the traditions built by the Americans before him and the promise of every generation to come
April 10, 2017 Press Release
This year, in an effort to recognize artists of all ages, I was happy to announce the first annual 'Color my Capitol' program to recognize Southeast Michigan's youngest artists, like those in Ms. Hillard's 3rd grade class, right here in Livonia.
April 9, 2017 Press Release
The two attacks this morning are part of a disturbing trend specifically targeting Coptic Christians in Egypt that has included attacks on houses of worship, religious cleansing in the Sinai, and now an unsuccessful attempt to murder the Coptic Pope. After President Sisi’s visit to Washington this past week, I plan on working with President Trump, the Egyptian Government, and my colleagues in Congress on helping root out terrorism and identifying the underlying causes of this deeply rooted sectarianism.
April 7, 2017 Press Release
Judge Gorsuch has some big shoes to fill, but as an experienced legal mind and staunch protector of the Constitution he is more than worthy of this prestigious seat on the Supreme Court.
April 6, 2017 Press Release
We need to ensure that our innovators and start-ups in Southeast Michigan have access to the capital they need to grow their business, create jobs, and continue to drive our economy.