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Congressman Dave Trott

Representing the 11th District of Michigan

Rep. Dave Trott Votes “Yes” on Balanced Federal Budget Plan

April 30, 2015
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC:  U.S. Representative Dave Trott (MI-11) today voted in support of the 2016 House Budget—a spending plan that will reduce wasteful Washington spending by over $5 trillion and balance the budget within a decade.

“This balanced budget reflects the need to create a healthier economy, balance the budget, and eliminate wasteful Washington spending.  Every mom and dad in Southeast Michigan will tell you that they can’t spend more money than they take in each year. They have to balance their budgets—and so should Washington. The federal government needs to live within its means, and that starts with today’s vote to send this commonsense, balanced budget to the President’s desk,” said Rep. Trott, an Oakland County job creator serving in his first term in Congress.

The FY 2016 House Budget plan:

  • Balances the federal budget within 10 years, without raising taxes on the American people
  • Provides strong national defense
  • Keeps the promises made to our seniors by protecting and strengthening important programs like Medicare and Social Security
  • Repeals the President’s health care law
  • Improves government efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability

Since coming to Congress, Rep. Trott has been outspoken for the need to reduce wasteful Washington spending and put the nation back on a path of fiscal responsibility, including endorsing legislation to establish a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution. 

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