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Congressman Dave Trott

Representing the 11th District of Michigan

Health Care

Rep. Dave Trott is fighting for patient-centered health care reforms that strengthen the doctor-patient relationship, lower the costs of health care for Michigan families, and eliminate the big-government mandates imposed by Obamacare.

Rising health care costs pose a significant challenge for families and job providers in Southeast Michigan.  Unfortunately, President Obama’s health care law has not helped.  Instead, the law has placed the federal government between patients and doctors and has increased costs and taxes on the American people.  A top-down, Washington-centered approach to health care does not work.  

Rep. Trott has voted to repeal Obamacare and he supports replacing it with common sense, patient-centered reforms that will actually lower health care costs and improve access to care. By empowering patients and doctors—rather than federal bureaucrats—we can strengthen the doctor/patient relationship and make health care more affordable for everyone. 

Key health care reforms Rep. Trott supports:

More Competition Means Lower Costs

Health insurance should be sold across state lines—just like car insurance.  Your health care costs would be reduced by a truly competitive marketplace where insurance companies are competing nationally for customers. 

Health Insurance Portability

Your health coverage should stick with you, regardless of where you work or who pays for it.  If you change your job or lose your job, you should be able to take that policy with you, preventing any interruption in coverage. 

Putting Patients in Charge of Health Care Spending

Patients should have more say in their health care spending. The expansion of Health Savings Accounts (HSA) will ensure families in Southeast Michigan have improved flexibility with their health care spending by providing the same tax benefit for individuals as employers currently enjoy. 

Putting an End to Needless Lawsuits

Needless lawsuits against doctors increase health care costs for everyone. While patients need to be able to file suit for true malpractice, it’s critical to put in place substantive lawsuit reform to prevent frivolous medical lawsuits and lower costs for patients. 

Keeping Promises to Our Seniors

Southeast Michigan seniors rely on Medicare for their health care. Unfortunately, President Obama’s health care law cuts payments to Medicare and puts our seniors at risk. It’s imperative that Congress enact reforms to strengthen, make it more fiscally sound, and protect Medicare for seniors and future generations. 

Protecting the Young and Those with Preexisting Conditions

Patients with pre-existing conditions need to be protected and have access to the coverage they need.  Additionally, it is important that Michigan parents continue to be able to keep their children on their insurance until they are twenty-six-years old. 

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