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Congressman Dave Trott

Representing the 11th District of Michigan


Rep. Dave Trott supports a strong and fully resourced military to protect the American people and defend our nation’s freedom throughout the world. 

Thanks to the tremendous sacrifice and service of America’s men and women in uniform, our nation remains the strongest country in the world.  Yet, dangerous threats to America and our freedom continue to pose a significant challenge for the nation.  The continued danger from terror groups requires America to remain vigilant around the world. 

Rep. Trott believes America’s military is the greatest fighting force on the planet—but it is imperative that our troops and their families have the support and resources they need.  This means our military and intelligence forces must have the tools needed to protect the American people and our allies abroad. 

Serving as Michigan’s only Congressman on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Rep. Trott is committed to keeping our military strong and ensuring that our returning service members and their families receive the support they deserve. 

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