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Congressman Dave Trott

Representing the 11th District of Michigan

Iran Nuclear Deal

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Rep. Dave Trott is committed to ensuring that Iran never gains a nuclear bomb.  The Obama Administration's ongoing negotiations with Iran over their nuclear ambitions place America at risk.  Rep. Trott has deep concerns about the President's plan to make concessions to Iran in exchange for a mere slowdown in their atomic program. 

In short, Rep. Trott is opposed to allowing the world's most dangerous nation gaining the world's most dangerous weapons.


10 Reasons Why the Obama Nuclear Agreement is a Historic Mistake

I. A Poorly Negotiated Deal
President Obama’s nuclear deal was poorly negotiated from the beginning—the President treated Iran as an equal to the Unites States, rather than what it is: the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism.  The President indicated from the beginning that military options were off the table and did not demand Iran release the four Americans being held captive there. 

II. One Step Away from an Atomic Bomb
The deal leaves Iran only one step away from developing an atomic bomb. The rogue nation is not required to destroy its nuclear infrastructure, but instead only disconnect its centrifuges.  If Iran cheats on the deal (as it has on every other agreement over the last 30 years) it will have atomic weapons in a matter of months. 

III. A Nuclear Arsenal in the Works
Even if the Iranians don’t cheat on the deal, because of the ‘sunset’ clause in the Obama deal, Iran will become a threshold nuclear state and be ready to build a nuclear arsenal in 10+ years. The deal does not put an end to Iran’s nuclear ambitions; it merely hits the ‘pause’ button on its development of atomic weapons. 

IV. No Any Time Inspections
The Obama deal does not include the “anytime, anywhere” inspections promised to America by President Obama and the Secretary of Energy.  The deal’s “managed access” is a convoluted, lengthy process that could take 24 days to approve—giving Iran plenty of time to remove evidence or hide what they are working on. 

V. You Can’t Do A Good Deal With a Bad Guy
The deal is predicated on a foreign policy view that assumes that by being nice America can reform the behavior of a rogue nation.  It is a dangerous gamble.  Iran remains the world’s chief sponsor of terrorism and has cheated on every agreement over the past 30 years—which reinforces the fact that you can’t do a good deal, with a bad guy.

VI. End to Sanctions
The Obama nuclear deal provides the Iranian regime with billions of dollars in nearly immediate sanctions relief.  If Iran cheats on the deal the process to put sanctions back into place is complex and would likely never happen. Additionally, any contracts would be ‘grandfathered’ in place and would not be subject to any effort to snap back the sanctions—this dramatically changes the consequences for Iran in the event of a violation.

VII. Perpetuating Terrorism and Instability
As part of the deal, Iran will be receiving $50-$150 billion in sanctions relief. President Obama is betting on the Iranians using the money to help their citizens and invest in much needed infrastructure projects—but it is much more likely they will use the money to perpetuate terrorism in Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen.

VIII. The World In Danger
President Obama made a last-minute concession during the negotiations to allow Iran to purchase conventional arms in five years and ballistic missiles in eight years. This raises the serious concern that Russia and China will welcome the opportunity to sell arms to Iran.  This decision will put not only Israel, but also the United States in grave danger. In a matter of years, Iran will have a nuclear weapon affixed atop an ICBM aimed at our shores.

IX. A Nuclear Arms Race in the Middle East
The deal will create instability throughout the world and a nuclear arms race in the Middle East.  Saudi Arabia and Turkey will seek to obtain a nuclear weapon as a result of this misguided deal. 

X. Every Opportunity to Cheat
Iran will have ample opportunity to violate the terms of this agreement—just like it has cheated on previous deals.  Additionally, the Obama administration has no incentive to report or call out violations of the agreement by Iran, because accusing the Iranian regime of cheating will be tantamount to admitting that it was a bad deal and that America should have never trusted Iran to start with.

A Stronger Way Forward

  • Congress should vote down the President’s Iran deal and America should go back to the negotiating table

  • A new agreement with Iran must contain:

1.) An immediate release of the Americans being held captive in Iran

2.) Complete ‘anytime, anywhere’ inspections by Americans, with no prior notice

3.) An elimination of the ‘sunset’ clause in the Obama agreement—there will be no ‘sunset’ of the deal

  • At some point in the future the UN Security Council (where the US has a veto) can decide if Iran’s nuclear weapon program no longer poses a risk. If Iran walks from these conditions and the P-5+1 coalition does not stay together, then the United States can re-impose tougher sanctions and wait for Iran to come back to the table.